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The Duke & Duchess of Edinburgh

The Reel

Standard sets with Ms on the left and Fs on the right.​ ​Sets are divided into six couples, with couples 1 and 4 starting the dance. This means that when a couple reaches the top they must wait for two repeats without dancing at all before they can begin as a dancing couple.

  1. All Ms hold hands and all Fs hold hands. Advance towards each other for four beats, then retreat for four beats with everyone clapping on the eighth beat.

  2. Everyone spins their partner.

  3. Dancing couple do a figure of eight around a stationary second and third couple. This is known as 'bollards'. They begin by going round the outside of the second couple (M1 around M2 and F1 around F2), then around inside of the third and back up the line. The Fs stop here, while the M does an extra loop around M2.

  4. M does a right-hand teapot with the third couple and F does the same with the second couple, for eight beats.

  5. The dancing couple now switch places, sliding back to back with their partner so thatF can do a left hand teapot with the third couple and M can do the same with the second couple.

  6. Ignoring their partners, the dancing couple now swing their first corner (M1 to F3 and F1 to M3) with a right-hand elbow grip.

  7. The dancing couple now swing with a left-handed elbow grip, three quarter turn.

  8. They now swing their remaining corners with their right arms.

  9. The dancing couple swing one half turn left-handed to end up one place down from where they started.

  10. Whole set circles clockwise and then anticlockwise.

  11. Repeat.

Video Tutorial

Thanks to John Carver and London Reels for allowing us to use their video tutorials.

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