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The Eightsome Reel

The Reel

Circles of four couples (eight people). M standing to the left of their partner. Before the dance each couple is numbered 1 - 4  (1 being closest to the band, numbered clockwise).

  1. Hold hands circle clockwise. 

  2. Hold hands circle anti-clockwise.

  3. M places his hand around F waist and vice versa, all Fs puts their hands in the middle, circle clockwise.

  4. Partners turn on the spot so that M’s hands are in the middle, and circle anti-clockwise.

  5. Partners set twice.

  6. Partners turn one full turn and keep their right hands holding each other. M should be facing anticlockwise and F clockwise with their left hands free

  7. Moving past your partner reach to the next couple with left hand. Continue this 'Great Chain' moving swapping from left hand to right until you end up back where you started.

  8. F from couple number 1 steps into the middle of the circle – the circle moves clockwise and then anti-clockwise around F1.

  9. F1 sets and turns her partner.

  10. F1 sets and turns the man opposite her partner.

  11. F1 and the two men she has just danced with do a figure of 8.

  12. Repeat 8-11 with F1 in the middle, but they now sets and turns the two Ms they have not yet danced with and completes a figure of 8 with them.

  13. Repeat 8 – 12 with F2, F3, & F4 in the middle.

  14. Repeat 8 – 12 with M1, M2, M3, & M4 in the middle. 

  15. Repeat 1 - 7

  16. Tulloch turn with partner until music stops. 

Video Tutorial

Thanks to John Carver and London Reels for allowing us to use their video tutorials

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