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Mairi's Wedding

The Reel

Standard sets with Ms on the left and Fs on the right.​ ​Sets are divided into six couples, with couples 1 and 4 starting the dance. This means that when a couple reaches the top they must wait for two repeats without dancing at all before they can begin as a dancing couple. 

This dance is made simpler by remembering that the dancing couple are trying to trace a four-leaf clover (or the symbol on the Apple command key) on the floor. 

F's Route                                                                              M's Route

  1. Dancing couple spin and cast of one place.

  2. Swing partner with left arm elbow grip for one full turn. 

  3. The dancing couple head towards their first corner and pass them with their right shoulders.

  4. As the first corner is passed it switches places with its diagonal opposite (M2 switches with F3).

  5. Repeat 3 & 4 for all remaining corners following the route above. The dancing couple should always pass their corners with their right shoulders, and corners pass each other with their left shoulders. Note that the dancing couple merely heads forward and turns right.

  6. Finishing in the middle,M now does a figure of eight with the third couple and F does a figure of eight with the second couple, ending up back in their own lines, one place down from where they started.

Video Tutorial

Thanks to John Carver and London Reels for allowing us to use their video tutorials.

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