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Who We Are

Bringing Scotland to the South

The Oxford Caledonian Society is a student run non-profit organisation that brings people from across the country together through their love of Scottish dancing, music and culture. 

Our events are open to anyone, though they are aimed at current students of any UK university and especially those currently studying in the City of Oxford.


Reels practices are organised throughout the term and are well attended by beginners and practiced reelers alike. 


As well as a wonderful opportunity to learn the dances these also serve as a great chance to socialise.

The Ball

Partying as only the Scottish can...

The main focus of the Society are our triennial balls. Organised around the calendar of the University of Oxford, we host one in each of Michaelmas, Hilary and Trinity terms.


These generally take place in the Oxford Town Hall, a stunning 19th century building designed in the Jacobethan style.


The night follows the form of the traditional Highland Balls. The reels throughout the night are interspersed with live Rock n' Roll music, and a full breakfast is served with whisky in the early hours to lighten tired feet. 


With our tickets generally selling out in under 10 seconds, we are one of the most popular Caledonian Societies in England.   

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