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The Inverness Country Dance

(Speed the Plough)

The Reel

Standard sets with Ms on the left and Fs on the right.​ Like the 51st, we traditionally do this in the Aberdonian style, with every other couple starting and the lines being divided into approximately three equal parts. This means a couple need only wait one repeat without dancing before they themselves become a dancing couple.

  1. First couple teapot with the second couple, clockwise then anticlockwise.

  2. First and second couples take hold right hands and move down the set.

  3. First couple raise their arms to make an arch which the second couple moves through and back up the set

  4. Ms introduce their partners to their top corners (M2), and turn to face their own corners (F3).

  5. Set and turn corners.

  6. Set and turn remaining corners, with the F1s ending up facing down the set and the M1s facing up the set. 

  7. Dancing couples set twice.

  8. Dancing couples spin partners with their right hands until one place down from where they started.

  9. Repeat.

Video Tutorial

Thanks to John Carver and London Reels for allowing us to use their video tutorials.

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