The Committee


Hannah Dingemans

I’m an undergraduate studying history at Pembroke. I started reeling at school and am a firm believer in it being something that everyone can enjoy, whether you’ve reeled for years or have never even heard of reeling before now. I’m looking forward to being able to encourage as many people as possible to discover this during my time on the Committee.


Venetia Campbell

I am undergraduate at St Edmund Hall studying English and have been reeling all my life. Having been born and brought up in Scotland makes reeling and teaching others at Oxford great fun as it enlightens them on just how brilliant it is


Alasdair Cuthbert

I am a third year undergraduate at New College, reading Classics. I have loved reeling ever since I started learning years ago, and have loved teaching lots of friends to enjoy it as much as I have. Playing the bagpipes has nothing to do with it...

Practices Officer

Angus Denison-Smith

I am an undergraduate studying engineering at Oriel College. I went to my first reeling event quite a few years ago and have loved it ever since.  I have hugely enjoyed introducing various people to reeling and look forward to continue doing so whilst on committee.

Ticketing Officer

Theodore Hayes

I am an undergraduate reading Engineering at New College. Having been dragged along to my first reeling ball at 16 by friends I quickly overcame any initial reservations and thoroughly enjoyed dancing. Since then I have enjoyed encouraging friends to also get involved and share my love of reeling.

Treasurer Emeritus

Ludovic Fraser-Taliente

I am an undergraduate at New College, and I have been reeling, and teaching reeling, for practically all my life.

Committee Member