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The Reel of the 51st Highland Division

The Reel

Standard sets with Ms on the left and Fs on the right.​ Often this is done with every third couple dancing, however we tradition follow the Aberdonian style, in that for both appearances of this reel on the dance card every other couple starts. Given the length of our venues the lines are usually divided into three sets of variable length. This means that when a couple reaches the top of their set they need only wait one repeat without dancing at all before they become a dancing couple.

  1. Dancing couple set to each other and cast off one place. 

  2. M1 leads F1 to their top corner (M2) and turns to face his bottom corner (F3). 

  3. Dancing couple set and turn these corners with their right hand, spinning until they catch their partners left hand in the middle, whilst keeping hold of their corner's right hand.

  4. This creates a diagonal line across the set,  the dancing couple push of their corners' right hands and swing into a turn in the middle.

  5. Repeat 3 - 4 with the dancing couple setting and turning their remains corners.

  6. Dancing couple rejoin their own lines, one place down from where they started.  

  7. Circle clockwise for eight beats, and anti-clockwise for eight beats.

  8. Repeat.

Video Tutorial

Thanks to John Carver and London Reels for allowing us to use their video tutorials

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