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The Foursome Reel

The Reel

Sets of eight from the Eightsome Reel divide into two making sets of four. Two couples facing opposite each other with M standing on the left of his partner. First third of the dance is done in Strathspey time (much slower), second two thirds of the dance return to normal Reel time.

Starting formation:                                    

F1          M1

M2          F2

  1. Fs set off with their left foot, passing to the left of each other in the centre. 

  2. Ms set off and proceed to do a figure of eight between four people, until Ms are about to pass each for the second time. They stop and turn to face their opposites (i.e. not-partners):  





   3. ​Strathspey Set for 16 beats. This is best understood by watching the video below.

   4. Repeat figure of eight, stopping when Ms are about to pass each other for the second time.  Ms turn outward    and face their partner.

   5. Strathspey Setting.

   6. Repeat 4, this time the Ms should be facing their opposites again.

   7. Strathspey Setting.

   ~Music changes to Reel time~

   8. Helicopter: M face opposite each other and place Fs' arms around their shoulders, lifting them up the men then spin for eight beats.

   9. Partners set (normal setting) four times. Then tulloch turn clockwise for eight beats, and anti-clockwise for eight beats.

   10. Fs set four times and tillich turn. Ms do nothing.

   11. Opposites (i.e. not partners) set four times and tulloch turn.

   12. M set four times, then grip each other on the upper arm with elbows raised and spin clockwise (right arm) then anticlockwise (left arm)

   13. Partners set four times and tulloch turn.

Video Tutorial

Thanks to John Carver and London Reels for allowing us to use their video tutorials

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