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The Gay Gordons

The Reel

Couples in a large circle facing anticlockwise around the room with F on M's right. The couples are in an allemande hold, meaning Fs hold their arms above their shoulders, so that the Ms reach across their own chest with their left hand to hold Fs' left hands and reach behind Fs' shoulders to hold their right hands.

For our balls this is traditionally done in the style of an elimination game, with the music being stopped every 1-2 repeats while one of the committee call out certain eliminations. The last couple standing are awarded a bottle of whisky.

  1. Four steps forward.

  2. Both M and F turn on the spot keeping the allemande hold so they are now facing clockwise with F on Ms' left.

  3. Four steps backward (i.e. in the original direction of travel).

  4. Repeat 1 - 3.

  5. Fs spin under Ms' right arms for eight beats.

  6. Polka for 8 beats.

  7. Repeat.

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